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You look for an ideal water purification system?

membraPure GmbH offers you systems with interesting advantages for all major lab applications:

  • Benchtop, wall mounted (with inclined display) and bench-integrated configurations
  • compact housing with small foot print
  • Fast & easy cartridge replacement
  • Easy-to-use software interface
  • intuitive software
  • up to 12 months trackable water quality values
  • integrated TOC monitoring
  • large touchscreen
  • flexible and lockable dispenser
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After the overview scheme has given you a first impression of the diverse selection of systems, we invite you to follow the respective links to the systems to get further informations about each system. If you are not sure which system you need, please feel free to use our product finder at the end of this page.

overview water purification

AquaRO² and EDI² housing

AquaRO² & EDI²

Water quality ASTM Type II from potable tap water


Water ASTM Type I from Water ASTM Type II

Aquinity² P10

Water ASTM Type I from potable tap water

Aquinity² P35 / P70

Water ASTM Type II & ASTM Type I from potable tap water

Aquinity² E35 / P70

Water ASTM Type II & ASTM Type I from potable tap water

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