OptiLab² & OptiPrep² Ultra Pure Water System

OptiLab² & OptiPrep² Ultra Pure Water System

Ultra Pure Water systems with high output


Designed for the production of ultra pure water out of pretreated water

  • The series of OptiLab² and OptiPrep²are designed for the production of 5 L/min or 8 L/min of pyrogen- and nuclease-free ultra pure water out of pretreated water by reversed osmosis or EDI².
  • The ultra pure water is produced with a combination of prefilters, mixed bed filter and scavenger cartridge.
  • If water is not used, automatic recirculation within the system ensures a permanent high quality of ultra pure water.
  • All components of the OptiLab²/OptiPrep² series are assembled in an industrial design for easy access.
  • The μS-control checks the conductivity of feed water to protect the cartridges against inappropriate feed water (blackline). If conductivity is too high the water flow will be rejected.
OptiLab² & OptiPrep² Ultra Pure Water System

Main technical specifications of the system​


The scheme shows the flowchart of OptiPrep² Life Science TI with integrated TOC-monitoring.

Flowchart Ultra Pure Water System OptiPrep²
Options: memTap HighFlow

memTap "High Flow"

Our dispenser allows the volumetric controlled dispensing of water with an increment of 0.1 L and a tap volume from 0.1 to 99 L and a dispensing rate of 8 L/min. The system prevents overflow of containers and allows to dispense water without supervising.

Options: Prefilter OptiPrep²


Filter with activated carbon to adsorb organic contaminants in ultra pure water

Options: IQQ Documents Aquinity P10

IQ/OQ documents

Validation documents for water purification systems.

Technical Specifications
ultra pure water quality0.055 µS/cm; Type I
resistivity18.2 MegaOhm/cm
total organic carbon (TOC)< 10 ppb reagent, < 5 ppb Life Science, < 3 ppb Analytical
flow ratemax 8 L/min*
bacteria< 1 cfu/mL
particulate> 0.2 µm less than 1 particulate/mL
pyrogen (endotoxins)< 0.001 EU/mL*
RNAse< 1 pg/mL*
DNAse< 5 pg/mL*
dimensions, weight, powerOptiLab² : 780 x 280 x 872 mm, approx. 50 kg, 110 V - 230 V
OptiPrep² : 1250 x 250 x 850 mm, approx 70 kg, 110 V - 230 V
Feed Water Requirements
type of feed waterreverse osmosis (RO) water or deionized (DI) water
feed water conductivity< 10 µS/cm
inlet pressure1.5 to 6 bar
total organic content (TOC)< 50 ppb
temperature5 to 25 °C


As with the "Astacus²", this is a laboratory water system which provides its user with ultrapure water for a wide range of applications in the field of analytics and laboratory applications. With 5 L/min and 8 L/min, both systems serve customers who have a very high demand for ultrapure water.

Both systems produce ultrapure water from pretreated water (reverse osmosis / deionized water) for laboratory applications that require water of the highest quality.

Customers have the option of selecting a system with or UV lamp, depending on the area of application. If work is carried out in the life science sector, we also offer a configuration with ultrafiltration module. This eliminates the need for frequent changes of biological final filters and reduces investment costs.

Due to the simple and clear design of the software, the user can quickly operate the device through intuitive handling. The software informs the user when limit values have been exceeded or when consumables such as cartridges or UV lamps need to be replaced. A wizard guides the user through the individual steps.

You can connect the system directly to a line with pre-treated water. Due to the large turnover you need an inlet pressure of over 1.5 bar

The installation location can be designed very flexibly. Depending on the available work surface, the system can be installed directly on the furnishings or on the wall. The flexible to install display further ensures convenient operation.

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