Precise Amino Acid Analyzers for the use in clinical laboratories

Determine amino acids for newborn screening, food and beverages and more

Our ARACUS systems deliver outstanding results for amino acid analysis in research. They work according to the gold standard of post column derivatization with ninhydrin, using maintenance free LED photometers. A separation of up to 44 amino acids in about one hour is possible. The ARACUS is available in 3 versions, suitable for your field of application.


Dr. Leslie WillisDayton Children´s Hospital, USA
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Excellent system. Software is manageable. Support is outstanding. We use the instrument in a clinical diagnostic laboratory and have found it to be very reliable, requiring little maintenance. We do have some issues getting consumables into the US."
Dr. Sonja LöfflerState Forestry, Forestry Competence Centre Eberswalde, Germany
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"We have been determining the free amino acids in plant samples with the ARACUS amino acid analyzer since 2010. From the beginning, we were won over by the very good service provided by the team from membraPure. The high accuracy and reproducibility of the measurement results should be emphasized, which is an advantage for long-term monitoring studies. The system works reliably and the provision of ready-made solutions and standards means that the amino acid analyzer is extremely user-friendly. Due to the fully automatic and time-efficient operation of the device, the determination of the amino acids is also very suitable for numerically extensive sample series."
Hyeran ChoAjinomoto Genexine, Korea
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"It's so convenient and user-friendly. I really like to use this equipment. The results fit well with our recipes."
Warren KrugerFox Chase Cancer Center, USA
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"Replaced our 20 year old BioChrom30. Uses much less reagent and has nearly identical performance. Software is easy to use. Support has been excellent. Highly recommended."
Alice JiangNational University of Singapore
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"This analyzer is easy to use in terms of sample preparation, sample run as well as data analysis. The results are reproducible. However, we did run into several problems, such as SD card fault, pump fault, unstable pressure. The service team and engineer helped resolve the problems every time. In general I'm satisfied with their product and service. It would be better if there were local service support so that we do not have to go back and forth with Germany all the time."

FEATURES of our Amino Acid Analyzers

Reliable analysis results for a wide range of applications

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of amino acids is required for a wide range of applications. Our ARACUS systems are designed for use in clinics, quality control, the pharmaceutical and food industry as well as in research. The ARACUS AA analyzers use the most precise and reproducable methodology, with which you can get up to 44 AA with an “Retention time reproducibility (RSD)” of  less than 0.1%. Choose your desired configuration with the aracus lite, classic and advanced – depending on the complexity of your amino acid analyses.

Amino Acid Analyzers for all major lab applications

ARACUS Amino Acid Analyzer: Overview
Amino Acid Analyzer: Aracus lite


Simplified configuration of the ARACUS „classic“ for a reduced number of samples and smaller budget

Amino Acid Analyzer: Aracus classic

ARACUS Classic

Standard configuration of the series, allows the continous analysis of 96 samples in a cooled autosampler

Amino Acid Analyzer: Aracus classic

ARACUS Advanced

Extended configuration by an additional second pump drive. Allows the independent operation of two fluidic lines


The ARACUS IVD (in vitro diagnostics) configuration is available as extended versions of the ARACUS classic and ARACUS advanced Built and tested in compliance with IVDR EU 2017/746. When employing this system, it is essential to utilize a specific eluent kit certified in alignment with the regulations specified in IVDD 98/79/EC. This eluent kit not only ensures adherence to regulatory standards but also guarantees accurate and reliable results within the framework of IVDR guidelines and regulations.

There are two variants available for the eluent kit in the context of IVD:

  • AA Eluenten-Kit IVD
  • AA Eluenten-Kit IVD advanced

In-vitro-diagnostic Kit according to IVDD 98/79/EG

amino acids present in physiological fluids such as human blood plasma. This kit serves a crucial role in medical diagnostics by enabling the comprehensive analysis and identification of amino acids within these bodily fluids. Its application facilitates a thorough understanding of the amino acid composition, aiding in diagnostic processes and providing valuable insights for medical assessments and treatments.

This methodology serves as a valuable complement to Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS), which is also utilized in this field. However, it frequently becomes cost-prohibitive due to the routine maintenance it necessitates and the need for highly skilled personnel to operate it.

Each of these kits is equipped with consumables necessary for the analysis of a minimum of 500 runs. These runs are conducted using the standard program integrated into the ARACUS system.

Regarding the shelf life of the eluents and reagents, it spans 12 months from the production date, encompassing the period before opening and activating these components. This duration ensures the reliability and efficacy of the materials within the specified timeframe, maintaining their integrity and performance for analytical purposes.

Wide range of applications for our Amino Acid Analyzers

Our instruments are able to provide analytical results in various fields of application. The most common areas of application for the determination of amino acid analyses are shown below.

Applications Amino: Newborn Screening Amino Acid Analysis

Determination of free/ physiological amino acids in blood plasma, serum, salvia and urine

Applications Amino: Feedstuff, Food & Beverages Amino Acid Analysis

Determination of hydrolysed amino acids in food, beverages and feedstuff

Applications Amino: Metabolic Amino Acid Analysis

Determination of biogenic amine for the investigation of metabolic processes

Research in a laboratory

Be inspired with our example applications

Find out whether the manufacturer’s specifications for sports nutrition are correct or determine the gelantine added to ham? Our analysis application examples for the determination of amino acids help to better understand the field of application of our amino acid analyzers.

On our overview page, you will find downloadable application notes, some of which we have created together with institutions and facilities.

Amino: Science & Research

Widely used in research and science

In our literature list you will find an overview of all links to publications in which our ARACUS models were used.


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Amino acid analysis is used wherever the content of free/ physiological or protein-bound amino acids has to be determined. The fields of application range from diagnostics to quality control and research. Sample matrices are usually:

- blood plasma, blood serum
- saliva, urine
- spinal fluid
- Food, beverages
- animal feed

In the amino acid analyzer, ion exchange chromatography is combined with the HPLC technique. Samples are usually very complex in nature and amino acids, even ionic compounds without a specific absorption wavelength, are difficult to analyze using conventional HPLC methods. The combination of both techniques compensates for the disadvantages. Already due to extensive testing, further method developments are very short. This allows the user to routinely operate the system with little user intervention and ensures high sample throughput.

Amino acid analysis is used wherever the content of free/ physiological or protein-bound amino acids has to be determined. The fields of application range from diagnostics to quality control and research. Sample matrices are usually:


- blood plasma, blood serum

- saliva, urine

- spinal fluid

- Food, beverages

- animal feed

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Analysis of the amino acid composition of cell culture media
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