With webinars and online courses we stay in contact and can provide support from a distance.

The webinars are for our partners and distributors who have purchased one or more systems, but also for newly acquired partners. After a huge interested in our webinars of which many participants have joined our sessions, we would like to repeat the webinars for all those who could not participate at that time. But of course also for those who would like to repeat the content with us. There will certainly also be something new.

During the individual webinars the participants acquire theoretical knowledge for the product line they represent. In addition, topics such as marketing and sales are discussed.

The webinars are followed by live demos in which the previously theoretically discussed topics are demonstrated on the devices via a live stream.

Missed the last webinar sessions?

Don´t worry, just write us a message at training@membrapure.de and we will organize an additional date for you, your colleagues, your customers. We can also offer you courses in other languages!

German, Spanish, Portuguese and Bahasa.

Your membraPure Team

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Analysis of the amino acid composition of cell culture media
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