Ion chromatographs suitable for the analysis of anions and cations

membraPure systems for research, development and everyday routine

We offer our IONUS systems with two different detection variants with regard to different applications. Detection by conductivity and by post-column derivatization with photometers of different wavelengths in the UV/VIS range in analogy to our amino acid analyzer ARACUS.


Saif AljubouriAlmurbat Group, Jordan
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We purchased 2 systems in the last 5 years in two different countries. The system is accurate, effective, service is free and after sales service was always punctual and fast.

FEATURES of our Ion chromatographs

Fast determination of anions and cations with Ion chromatographs from membraPure

IONUS systems can be used for the analysis of anions and cations in research, development and everyday routine for aqueous solutions as well as for waters within the scope of environmentally relevant investigations. This chromatograph separates anions (for anions optionally with suppressor technology) according to EPA 300.0 and cations. 

Our Ionus PCD uses a reactor for derivatization followed by a single wavelength photometer instead of a built-in conductivity detector. Different wavelengths are required for these special applications and used colour reactions. By default, we equip our chromatographs almost exclusively with columns from Hamilton in Stainless Steel or PEEK. Columns from other manufacturers are available for certain special applications and on request. We also develop individual applications for you, which are specially tailored to your wishes and your separation problem.

Ion chromatography systems matching your laboratory

IONUS Ion Chromatograph: Overview
IONUS Ion Chromatograph


With in built conductivity detector
for the analysis of anions and cations

IONUS Ion Chromatograph


More complex detection technique with a reactor
for derivatization followed by a single wavelength photometer


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In this type of chromatography, usually just referred to as ion chromatography, substances are separated from each other based on their charge. The substances are compounds with ionic character. The main focus is on inorganic compounds. Suitable detection methods (conductivity measurement, post-column derivatization) are then used to quantify the separated substances.

Ion chromatography is suitable for all areas of water analysis in which cations and anions (mainly inorganic in nature) need to be analyzed.

Since the samples are usually very complex in nature and the ions do not have a specific absorption wavelength, they are difficult to analyze using conventional HPLC methods. This analysis eliminates interfering matrix effects and the ions can be detected at lower detection limits. Because of its diverse and wide-ranging applications, ion chromatography is one of the most widely used analytical methods.

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