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miniTOC Analyzer

TOC Analysis of Pure and Ultra Pure Water


XueCheng CuiGuangzhou Pui´2 Pharmaceutical Factory Ltd., China
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"It is an ideal tool for multipoint TOC measurement and point of use monitoring, water system diagnostics and maintenance verification. The system is very easy to use which brings quality control at an affordable level."
Hans-Jürgen GuttmannMax-Planck-Institut für Polymerforschung, Germany
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"The system was configured according to user requirements. Own documentation not up to date, but always helpful. Easy handling. Works reliably. Low maintenance. Always extremely helpful with problems."
Asma GoddiCytopharma Laboratories, Tunisia
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"Easy to use. Repeatable and reliable results."
Ralf WittayerBayer AG, Germany
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"Easy handling, reliable function."
Farhan ArifLawrance Pharma Pvt. Ltd, Pakistan
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"MembraPure miniTOC is perfect for analysis of Total Organic Carbon. It satisfies all of the pharmaceutical needs and provide accurate results with high repeatibility."
Gelu BalteanuQ Test, Romania
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"A very good investment! It's fast, sensitive, quick detection of spikes when used online. Easy to use software for data analysis. Easy to use in lab"
Jaime MarquezLaboratories Sophia, S.A. de C.V., Mexico
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"Results using miniTOC are reliable, repeatable, and safe. With TOC measurement the purified water system stays within our internal parameters. It is easy to operate and the software is very user friendly. The miniTOC is highly recommended."
Khaled RagabArabcomed, Egypt
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"Very good performance, easy to use, very good after sales care & very good value for money for this type of product."
Carlos AlvarezDinafarma, Mexico
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"The miniTOC analyzer is easy to use, it provides us with reliable results with little variability. It is a robust and safe process, which in a period of one year did not present any technical problem.".
Mohsin AzizSar Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., Pakistan
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"The equipment provides accurate measurement of TOC and works perfectly for laboratory applications. It provides a high reproducibility and I would definitely recommend this equipment for laboratory application."


Designed for Total Organic Carbon monitoring online and offline

  • The miniTOC instrument uses the classical flow-through concept for online or offline TOC monitoring of pure and ultra pure water.
  • The efficient UV oxidation of organic compounds by the “direct surface” principle in combination with conductivity detection guarantees the fast monitoring of values.
  • Calibration and SST of the miniTOC is easy and can be done by the user. 
  • Online operation is interrupted briefly for the system checks to be performed. 
  • The operator simply has to connect the inlet with the calibration standard solutions and the diluting water. 
  • The software enables the user to perform calibration and SST independently and the programmable sequence ensures the automatic procedure and data evaluation of the test. 
  • Verification of the TOC results according to the requirements of USP and Ph.Eur is realised by the periodic performance of system suitability tests.

Main technical specifications of the system​


The scheme shows the principle of measuring the TOC via conductivity with miniTOC.

Flowchart: miniTOC
Options: Interval Mode miniTOC

Intervall mode

The miniTOC can be ordered as configuration with 4 inputs (miniTOC pro). With an additional software upgrade option the user can measure up to 3 loops sequentially.

Options: Offlinemode miniTOC

Offline version

An offline configuration is available to analyse single samples.

Options: Autosampler miniTOC


By using the offline mode of the miniTOC pro the system is also upgradable with an autosampler with 15 positions for 100 mL vials.

Options: Heat exchanger miniTOC

Heat exchanger

If the medium temperature is higher than 50 °C a heat exchanger is required.

Options: Pressure Regulator miniTOC

Pressure regulator

If the medium pressure is higher than 1 bar a pressure transducer is required.

Options: Software miniTOC

21 CFR part 11 Software

Software with 21 CFR part11 conformity for pharma applications.

Options: IP54 miniTOC

IP 54

The housing protects the miniTOC from dust deposits and water jets

Options: Check Sample Flow miniTOC

Check of sample flow

Initiates alarm in case of inlet flow is zero.

Options: IQQ Documents Aquinity P10

IQ/OQ documents

Validation documents IQ/OQ and PQ for miniTOC (conform and non conform with 21CFR part 11 software.

Options: Conductivity TOC

Conductivity range

extended conductivity of sample up to 10 µS/cm.

Technical Specifications
method & detectionUV oxidation (partial) & conductivity
sample volume flowapprox. 14 mL/min
time of measurement2 sec (online mode) | 1 min (offline mode)
measurement range0.5 to 1000 ppb
detection accuracy~0.5 ppb or 1 % (whatever is greater)
ports1 for sample, 1 for SST (basic) | 1 for sample, 3 for SST (pro)
related normsUSP <643>, EP 2.2.44, DIN EN 1484
ambient parametersrelative humidity: 10 to 95 %, temperature: 10 to 45 °C
interface portsanalog, according to Namur NE43
dimensions, weight, power300 x 200 x 500 mm, 14 kg, 110 - 230 V, 50 Hz, 60 Watt
Medium Requirements
type of sample mediumpure or ultra pure water
medium conductivity< 2 µS/cm (upgradable to < 10 µS/cm)
inlet pressure< 1 bar
sample temperature< 50 °C


The miniTOC is used for pure and ultrapure water applications (e.g. WFI - water for injection).

The miniTOC operates according to USP 643, DIN EN 1494 and EP 2.2.44.

The miniTOC is only suitable for liquid media such as pure and ultrapure water, but not waste water or solids.

The miniTOC operates below a conductivity of 2 µS/cm, but can be designed to < 10 µS/cm on request.

The miniTOC uses the classic "flow-through" concept, in which the system oxidizes the sample using UV radiation and determines the TOC content in the sample via a conductivity difference measurement.

The miniTOC covers a TOC range from 0.5 to 1000 ppb.

The miniTOC is a classic online monitoring system, but can also be used in offline mode for measuring individual samples and can even be equipped with an autosampler.

Yes, the miniTOC can be calibrated easily and intuitively under the user's guidance. It also has an SST (system sustainibility test) function.

In addition to the calibration solutions, the pump hose must be changed at regular intervals and a new UV reactor inserted. After a subsequent calibration, the system is ready for use again.

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