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We are experts in water purification systems and related analysis equipment for more than 25 years.

membraPure was founded over 25 years ago and is still run as a family business. Over the years, membraPure grew and we currently have 31 employees. Our headquarter is in Hennigsdorf close to Berlin and here are our administrative offices located as well as our production, laboratory, and R&D. All our products are made in Germany.

First and foremost, membraPure is our employees. Without their hard work, ingenuity and team spirit, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

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since 1993

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Our Company Story

Foundation of membraPure

membraPure was founded by Emil Flindt in 1993 in Lörzweiler a suburb of Mainz, Germany. 

What once started by 2 people sharing 1 idea, a lot of ambition and even more commitment, has now, become a limited liability company with over 30 employees and more than 30 distributors worldwide. 

Product Milestone
First Water Purification System delivered
Astacus 1. Generation

First own ultrapure water system with strict separation of electronics and water area.

Worldwide Export
10 year Anniversary + start of export activities

membraPure celebrated its 10th anniversary and rang in the start of export activities in several continents. 

Foundation of PMA - manufacturing company
Product Milestone
Launch of uniTOC and ARACUS

The fruits of 3 years of development come to fruition: the Aracus is introduced. A state of the art amino acid analyzer that sets new standards in detection limits and features a maintenance-free detector. Also the Unitoc, which was taken over by Aquacontrol in 2007, is presented in a revised form.

Product Milestone
Launch of miniTOC and IONUS
miniTOC and IONUS

Our small TOC , the minitoc is ready for the market. Thanks to the foreknowledge of our employees, we were able to develop it in only 2 years. The start of our bestseller. The IC brother of the Aracus is introduced. Since both systems share many components, there is an excellent price-performance ratio.

New HQ
Move to Hennigsdorf (Berlin)

membraPure moved into the Innovation Forum in the Neuendorferstr. 20 in Hennigsdorf. Around 100 companies, many in the Life Science field, are also in the Forum. 

ISO 9001:2008 Certification
ISO 9001

membraPure successfully implemented a Quality Management System and received the ISO certification.

For continued compliance to the standard, annual or regularly scheduled audits are conducted to evaluate the organization. 

Product Milestone
Launch Aquinity² and Astacus²

After 20 years it was time for a new water purification system family with over 32 different systems. All with full color display, TOC monitoring and many new features.

New HQ
New Headquarter in Hennigsdorf
membraPure Company

New headquarter Wolfgang-Küntscher-Straße 14.

The administration is now  located in the renovated building, and the production and warehouse are located in the adjacent new hall.

ISO 13485 Certification

In the medical devices industry, safety and quality are non-negotiable, which is why ISO 13485 sets specific standards for a quality management system.

Every step of a product’s life cycle, including service and delivery, have to comply with stringent  regulatory requirements.

25 years membraPure

A true milestone - membraPure celebrated 25 years!

The company has grown to around 30 employees and all celebrated together. 

Product Milestone
Re-Launch of ARACUS

The amino acid analyzer ARACUS is now available in two options ARACUS “classic” and “advanced”. In addition to its exterior, some details inside have also changed.

New Partnership
Association Hartmann & membraPure
Hartmann Partnership

membraPure GmbH  acquired a 51% stake in Hartmann GmbH. With this partnership, a company group with two still legally independent GmbHs was created. 


Corporate Social Responsibility

For the past two years we have conducted extensive calculations of our CO2 consumption and implemented a CO2 compensation program.

We are working with external experts to continue to reduce our impact on the environment, and regularly introduce new projects to promote sustainability in our offices and production facilities as well as programs for employees and the local community.

CSR green by Annie Spratt
Publications typewriter


We have collected a selection of publications where the Amino Acid Analyzer ARACUS has been used.

Furthermore, our Application Notes cover the various research possibilities of our TOC Analyzer and Amino Acid Analyzer.


Our webinars are for partners and distributors (who have purchased one or more systems) but also for new partners.

During the individual webinars the participants acquire theoretical knowledge for the product line they represent. In addition, topics such as marketing and sales are discussed.

The webinars are followed by live demos in which the previously theoretically discussed topics are demonstrated on the devices via a live stream.

maintenance tools


In addition to our product range, we always strive to support our customers in the proper handling of our products. 

We ensure this with our webinar offers, trainings and information on the maintenance of our products.

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