The ideal Water Purification Systems for your laboratory

membraPure Water Purification Systems for pure and ultra pure water production

Our Water Purification Systems deliver the highest possible water quality you need for laboratory analysis. Rely on membraPure’s easy-to-use 
pure Water Systems and Ultra Pure Water Systems. Easily produce Type I or Type II water even from tap water.
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M. TiebekeTulip Cocoa GmbH, Germany
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„Using the equipment now in third year and still totally satisfied. Service is friendly and competent. Prices are average and not too high. You can always call and get distance help, which is spares visits and costs. Good choice."
Wang LihuaIntertek,Qsingtao, China
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"Simple and beautiful appearance, efficient UV lamp, long-life ultra-pure module, and can provide stable water quality. It has a friendly interface that is easy to use and has a big touchscreen."
Thomas WeidnerAxolabs, Germany
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"The quality of the water is very reliable and fully meets the needs for our lab analyses. The system with its large screen is user friendly and very easy to operate."

FEATURES of our Water purification systems

Perfect results with Water Purification Systems from membraPure

To deliver the best results for your analysis you need the highest water quality possible. With the “easy to operate” pure water and ultra pure water systems from membraPure you can select the model that cost efficiently produces laboratory-grade water. All our systems are Made in Germany.

Pure & Ultra Pure Water Purification Systems for all major lab applications

Water Purification Systems membraPure
Ultrapure Water Systems membraPure: Configurations

Configurations for our Systems

Bench top to wall mounted – adapt the configuration of your system to individual space conditions.

Ultrapure Water Systems membraPure: Dispensing Modes

Dispensing functions for our Systems

Water purification systems equipped with a dispenser can be equipped with different types of volumetric dispensing functions.

AquaRO² and EDI² housing

AquaRO² and EDI²

Water quality ASTM Type II
from potable tap water


Water ASTM Type I
from Water ASTM Type II

Aquinity² P10

Water ASTM Type I
from potable tap water

Aquinity² P35 / P70

Water ASTM Type II & ASTM Type I
from potable tap water

Aquinity² E35 / P70

Water ASTM Type II & ASTM Type I
from potable tap water

OptiPrep² Ultra Pure Water System

OptiLab² & OptiPrep²

Water ASTM Type I
from Water ASTM Type II


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Ultrapure water is water from which all foreign constituents such as ions and organic components have been removed. Only water that meets certain criteria may be called ultrapure water.

Only one type of water is ever referred to as ultrapure water. However, there are various gradations, which are then referred to as pure water. Norms and standards take up and categorize the different physical properties such as conductivity, resistance, TOC content, ion concentration and bacteria content. Important definitions exist according to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), ISO (International Standards Organization) and CLSI/CLRW (Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute/Clinical Laboratory Reagent Water).

Ultrapure water is one of the most commonly used solvents in the laboratory and is used wherever even minor impurities lead to falsification of results and must therefore be avoided at all costs:


- Analytical methods such as AAS, ICP, MS

- Chromatography such as LC (mobile phase)

- Sample preparation (extraction, dilution, blank)

- Biological work (PCR, cell culture, immunochemistry)

- Forensic and clinical examinations

In addition to ultrapure water, pure water also finds a large field of application in laboratory use, although the requirements for the degree of purity of the water are lower:

- Preparation of media and buffers

- General laboratory applications such as cleaning laboratory equipment

- Feeding of
laboratory dishwashers,
steam generators
systems for the production of ultrapure water

Drinking water itself contains impurities and will give a false result in your analytical tests, so you cannot use tap water in the laboratory.
Molecular biology work requires water without pyrogens (biological metabolites). By using ultrapure water in which the interfering impurities have been removed, reliable and accurate results are obtained.

Various purification technologies are used to produce pure water first and ultrapure water later. Step by step, the impurities are removed from the water and finally water with the required purity level is made available to the end user. The purification technologies include
- Filtration by activated carbon
- reverse osmosis
- Ion exchanger
- Electrodeionization (EDI)
- UV light
- ultrafiltration (UF)

For the selection and combination of these techniques, the prevailing degree of purity of the source water as well as the degree of purity to be achieved in the water to be used are decisive.

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Analysis of the amino acid composition of cell culture media
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