Tradition and innovation made in Germany Yeah you can see our oldest company car from 1972 BMW and our latest company car mini Cooper electric from 2020.

Like these cars also our instruments are made for a long lifetime And we continuously improved and feature the latest development.
We don’t have instruments from the 70s but still our systems from the 90s are in service.

And every system which is older than 25 years and still in service can be traded in for a brand new one with no extra cost. So we are looking forward to get many applications for this deal competition to Innovation.

The support of our customers and partners has been further improved by our more intensive internet presence. Below is a screenshot of the website in 2004 and today.

While the website was previously presented in German only, we can now serve more with 7 languages. With the availability of various tools such as “Product finder” and “membraTools”, customers but also partners can go on a journey of discovery and put together their system or learn more about applications for which our systems are designed.

By publishing various articles via social media such as linkedIn, facebook and twitter and by sending newsletters in German and English, we stay in touch with our contacts and partners more than before.

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Analysis of the amino acid composition of cell culture media
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