Recorder – a balance to the daily work routine

For over 30 years now the recorder accompanies me, whereby I can say that the last 6 years were with the best.

During this time 5 new recorders have been added. The last acquisition was the so-called Subbass, which is now already 3 years old and could also unfold its sound in the one or other company Christmas party. With such a thing the colleagues are also not spared.

With its deep tuning, this one raises recorder playing in ensembles and orchestras to a whole other level. And with its size of 2 meters it causes a sensation at performances not only because of its sound!

Recorder is not just this one flute, this “shrill squeaky” little soprano flute. The secret about this flute is: It is often seen as a beginner’s instrument, but actually you can only play the soprano flute properly if you can also play the flute. This makes this misunderstood “beginner’s instrument” one of the most difficult instruments and also one of the first instruments to exist.

Only the balanced interplay of sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, bass and if available great bass and sub bass unfolds the full sound. Thereby the high flutes have a small and often only soloistic occupation, while the low flutes form the foundation in a large occupation. Whoever gets the chance to experience a pure recorder orchestra should take it. And those who can even play in one, as I did, should also accept the offer. This experience is unique and highly recommended. Afterwards, you don’t want to do anything else.

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