Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays 2022!

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas Happy Hanukkah Happy Winter Solstice Happy Kwanzaa However you celebrate (or not) we wish you all the best and wonderful days

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membraPure Christmas Party 2022

Christmas Party 2022

Christmas Party 2022  On December 2nd, 2022 membraPure had its annual Christmas Party. This year together with the Hartmann Team at Schloss Lübbenau in the

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New Publication Aracus

New Publication with ARACUS

New publication with our ARACUS! Pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID), also known as equine’s cushing syndrome, is one of the most common diseases of aged

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Gratulation-Marcus-Arnold 1


Marcus Arnold Vertriebsleiter und Prokurist bei unserer Partnerfirma Hartmann hat gut lachen. Er hat als Erster eine mP Wasseranlage verkauft. Genauer gesagt eine Aquinity² P10.

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