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Total Organic Carbon Analyzer: Measure your TOC conductivity – From ground water to ultra pure water

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TOC analysis of different water qualities

• Measurement from ground water to ultra pure water
• Application in power plants to the pharmaceutical industry
• Measurement range from 0.5 ppb to 20 ppm

Method of operation

Our systems use UV radiation as the oxidation method. The miniTOC uses conductivity measurement and the uniTOC uses NDIR detection for TOC determination.

Advantages of our

• long-life cycle of the systems
• low maintenance costs • few required spare parts
• reduced need for service


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Online- and offline testing with the miniTOC

For online monitoring and for offline measurements the miniTOC uses the classic flow-through concept of pure and ultra pure water: efficient oxidation with UV radiation of organic compounds in combination with conductivity measurement guarantees fast monitoring of values.

Precise results trough NDIR detection: uniTOC

The uniTOC uses complete oxidation by UV- radiation. The oxidation process can be improved by additional dosing of reagent (persulphate/phosphoric acid). By using the NDIR detector, the uniTOC system delivers precise results in applications from groundwater to ultra pure water.


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