Os sistemas Astacus² são alimentados com água deionizada para produzir água ultrapura. Os modelos Astacus² são projetados para um consumo diário inferior a 100l e estão equipados com um cartucho de purificação MemPak.

O Astacus² está disponível em diferentes versões (Reagent, Analytical & LifeScience) para atender aos requisitos específicos da água ultrapura para diferentes aplicações.

Os sistemas também apresentam o novo dispensador flexível e uma tela grande touchscreen com menus fáceis de usar.

  • Resistividade 18.2MOhm x cm
  • Taxa de fluxo: Água Ultrapura 2 l/min
  • TOC
    < 10 ppb (Reagent)
    < 3 ppb (Analytical with UV)
    < 5 ppb (LifeScience with UV and UF)
  • Endotoxinas: < 0.001 EU/ml endotoxinas (LifeScience)

Vantagens dos novos sistemas

• Compacto
• Tela grande Touchscreen
• Módulo de serviço remoto

• Menus e assistentes fáceis de usar evitando erros
• Novo dispensador fixo e flexível
• Cartuchos fáceis de serem trocados

Upgrade for Trace Analysis

To detect traces of substances in analytics, the water quality has to be of highest purity. Therefore all components are made of unfi lled material. Tubing material is PTFE for minimal adhesion. Dead spaces are avoided and the recirculation pump is made of PEEK and stainless steel. The material of the tap valve is PVDF.


The TOC monitoring during production and intermittent measurements during non-use periods allows to check the organics in water continuously. The TOC value is measured between 1 and 30 ppb and can be shown in the display to monitor organic impurities.


Our new automatic memTap allows the volumetric controlled tapping of water with a dispenser arm. The arm can be moved horizontally and vertically. Preset of tap-volume is in 0.1 l steps. This system prevents overfl ow of containers and allows to tap water without supervising. The 3,5“ display with touch screen offers you all relevant data at a glance.


A função de controle μS verifica a condutividade da água de alimentação para proteger os cartuchos contra a alimentação de baixa qualidade. Se a condutividade da água de alimentação for muito alta, ela será rejeitada e não poderá influenciar a qualidade da água ultrapura. A capacidade dos cartuchos é assim usada otimamente.

ModuleReagentAnalyticalAnalytical TILifescienceLifescience TI
Article number110-0089110-0090110-0092110-0091110-0093
Water Quality
Low Level Applicationsyesyesyesyesyes
Cell Culturenononoyesyes
Ultrafiltration (UF)nononoyesyes
Ultra pure water cartridge190-0088190-0088190-0088190-0087190-0087
Filter Sterile190-0013190-0013190-0013190-0013190-0013
Microsiemens feed water check180-0071180-0071180-0071180-0071180-0071
memTAP Dispenser180-0074180-0074180-0074180-0074180-0074
Feed water requirements
Water qualityPermeate from RO/EDI better than 10μS/cmPermeate from RO/EDI better than 10μS/cmPermeate from RO/EDI better than 10μS/cmPermeate from RO/EDI better than 10μS/cmPermeate from RO/EDI better than 10μS/cm
Ultra pure Water (Type I)
Resistivity At 25°C18,2 MΩ18,2 MΩ18,2 MΩ18,2 MΩ18,2 MΩ
Conductivity At 25°C0,055μS0,055μS0,055μS0,055μS0,055μS
Flow Rate2 l/min2 l/min2 l/min2 l/min2 l/min
TOC Level < 10 ppb < 3 ppb < 3 ppb< 5 ppb< 5 ppb
Endotoxin (Pyrogens)N/AN/AN/A0,001 EU/ml0,001 EU/ml
Particulate < 1/ml (>0.22μm)< 1/ml (>0.22μm)< 1/ml (>0.22μm)< 1/ml (>0.22μm)< 1/ml (>0.22μm)
Bacteria≤ 1 cfu/10ml≤ 1 cfu/10ml≤ 1 cfu/10ml≤ 1 cfu/10ml≤ 1 cfu/10ml
DNAse/RNAseN/AN/AN/A< 1 pg/ml/< 5 pg/ml< 1 pg/ml/< 5 pg/ml
High purified Water from RO or EDI
Conductivity At 25°CN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Production RateN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Ionic RejectionN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Electrical Requirements
Electrical Voltage100-230 V100-230 V100-230 V100-230 V100-230 V
Packing Information
Net Weight:15kg17kg17kg18kg18kg
Water tanknonononono
External Dimensions (WxDxH in mm)
Main units297 x 340 x 535297 x 340 x 535297 x 340 x 535297 x 340 x 535297 x 340 x 535