Stadtradeln 2022 Team membraPure
Stadtradeln 2022 Team membraPure

Stadtradeln 2022

This year some membraPure employees participated in the “Stadtradeln” (city cycling) again. Despite the Olympic motto “Participating is more important than winning”, we want to mention that our team of 10 cyclists took 13th place in Hennigsdorf in the Oberhavel district with 2,809 kilometers cycled! Hats off for this achievement. 

There were a total of 51 teams in Hennigsdorf with 528 active cyclists and 112,995 cycled kilometers!

STADTRADELN is a competition that involves cycling as many everyday journeys as possible in a climate-friendly way for 21 days. The results of the competition show how many people are already cycling and thus making a contribution to climate protection. In order for even more people to permanently switch from cars to bicycles, there needs to be a cycling infrastructure on which they can reach their destinations quickly and safely.

STADTRADELN is a campaign of the Climate Alliance and takes place all over Germany. You can find more information here:

Our cycling team received a thank you note from the sustainability manager of the city of Hennigsdorf after the successful Stadtradeln campaign together with a certificate! 

The city of Hennigsdorf was once again the most bicycle-active municipality in Oberhavel, and this is sending a strong message for bicycling as an alternative and fun means of transportation.

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