Practicality and beauty go hand in hand

With the intelligent design to success. For our new ultra pure water system we attached great value to practical design from the very beginning. The front of the display has been designed for an easy usage on the labor bank, legibility of the contents as well as for an easy installation on the wall. For the usage on the labor bank, the perspectives are upside-down, for the wall installation: bottom-up. A frontal display is very hard to be read this way, this is why we edged our front up and down and we guarantee the best possible view and usage.

Our long-standing partner KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH, as the worldwide acting HPLC manufacturer just made use of that as one of the first clients. The new Aquinity E70 Analytical with a twisted front for the wall installation guarantees the optimal usage and legibility without putting up an additional display, how it was done before. Quoting the head of the laboratory of Knauer, Dr Weiz: “This way we have the optimum utilization of space and we are very satisfied with the device when it comes to usage, performance and water equivalents.” Upside down is sometimes just top.

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Analysis of the amino acid composition of cell culture media
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