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Application notes

In the following you will find applications that have been developed on our own initiative or in the context of customer inquiries and/or cooperation with various institutes and facilities. If you also have an inquiry, please send us a message to We are always interested in the development of new applications.


Simulation of the online determination of the TOC content with uniTOC of media containing boric acid as cooling water, used in circuits of plants.


Method for the determination of the amino acids  for myocardial infarction and diabetes type 2
Determination of the amino acids in Cell Culture Media
Method for the determination of added gelatin in ham and creme cheese
Analysis of the amino acid profile of milk, an important supplier of essential amino acids
Determination of the amino acids as biomarkes for metabolic disorders
Amino acids Tyrosine and Phenyl alanineas biomarkers for metabolic disorders
Suitable use of the amino acid analyzer in quality control
Quality control of proteins – basis for special medical food – by post-column derivatization with ninhydrin
Amino acids and protein content in cosmetics as possible quality parameters
Using of Amino Acid Analyzer in research of feed formula to determine content of additives 
Analysis of soy sauce, rich in nutrients like amino acids
Using of Amino Acid Analyzer makes the role of corn syrup in amino acid fermentation more clear


In this section you will find publications where the amino acid analyzer ARACUS has been used.

lab, membraPure
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