We are very satisfied with the performance of membraPures miniTOC and the Aquinity P system.

Dr. Dongho KIM, BML Gimpo

The Aquinity P10 has a very nice handling concept with this nice big touch screen and a large capacity of the cartridges.

Dr. Natalia Botnariuc, Oncologic Institute of the Republic of Moldowa

We can only confirm that our ultrapure water system from membraPure was designed exactly to our needs and performs its service flawlessly. It does not need more than the previously estimated maintenance costs. Thanks again for the good products and the performance.

Herr Reva, Bavarian Nordic GmbH, Martinsried

IONUS is very useful for anion analysis for QC of our product and easy to use.

Mr. Kwangyeop YOON, Carecamp Korea

Der ARACUS ist für uns das wichtige Analysegerat für die Aminosäurenbestimmung in Meerespflanzen.


ARACUS system is very convenient and useful for the analysis of amino acid composition in foodstuff.

Dr. Kee-Sung KIM, Technology Institute of Mongolia

We are one of the user of Aminio Analyzer A300 which is manufactured by membraPure GmbH. MembraPure GmbH has a good reputation. We are very satisfied about the product and pre-sale and service offerd by membrapure. The A300 instrument is very stable for long time running (24/7). The analysis results are good enough in accuracy and reliablity. We will be continuing our cooperation with membrPure GmbH.

Ms. Wang Jiwen, Henan Academy of Sciences Institute for Biomedical Research Co., Ltd.