Our service team is available to you for all service questions.

Please use our contact form at the end of this side for a quick turnaround of your inquiry.

Our services help to keep your systems running smoothly at all times. We also offer maintenance and repair of other brands, as well as certification of common systems.

Our service portfolio includes:

  • Maintenance and repair of all systems (including other brands)
  • Disinfection of centralised and decentralised systems
  • IQ/OQ validation support
  • Qualification of system parameters and recalibration

Regular maintenance of your system by our service technicians is the best protection against sudden failure of your system.

All our systems are low-maintenance and sensor controlled. Our systems are equipped with a tool for self-diagnosis which provides us with an initial indication of the problem (online or by phone) to help keep service costs down. In case of trouble we can either fix it online or the service engineer will know exactly where the problem lies. Minimizing costs and maximising system availability are our main objectives.