The ideal instrument for all isocratic methods in ion chromatography. The combination of high quality components provides a reliable system with low maintenance costs and excellent separation. The suppressor technique allows for a very long lifetime.

You will find the IONUS ion chromatograph in research and water labs. In a university setting, the clear layout of the instruments enables a very good understanding of all processes during the analysis, which makes the system interesting for educational purposes.

Several options are designed to upgrade the system when a more sophisticated analysis is required. The anion suppressors can be used to lower the detection level for components with very low concentration.

The column thermostat enhances separation and the reproducibility of retention time with controlled and stable temperature conditions.

The most interesting modification of our IONUS instrument is the post-column derivatisation option which allows the detection of bromate with a level of 5ppb or transition metals.

Transition metals and bromate are detectable after derivatisation with the membraPure single wavelength detector based on LED technology. In day-to-day use this produces results with the highest precision, reproducibility and accuracy.

Anion analytics

Applications for F,Cl, Br, NO2-, NO3-, PO43-, SO42-– silicate in water or for EPA with and without suppressor technique are available.

Cation analytics

Different methods have been developed for analysis of cations like NH4+, Li+, Na+, K+, Ca2+, Mg2+


Modified for post-column derivatisation, very low detection levels for bromate or transition metals are realised.

The Components

Pump – the double-flow pump head guarantees the high precision of the eluent flow rate. In combination with the pulse dampening unit, an almost pulse-free operation is possible.

Degasser – the integrated degassing unit reduces the time of eluent preparation and guarantees continuous operation.

Sample separation – columns with different resins and capacities enable the user to get optimal results with very high reproducibility.

Suppression – the automated anion suppression system is pressure stable resulting in a low signal/noise ratio. This guarantees detection limits down to 1μg/l.

Conductivity detector – very high sensitivity and a broad measuring range allow the determination of samples from trace analysis up to process water.

Operation Software iControl

The IONUS ion chromatograph is operated with the user friendly, self-explanatory software iControl. Implemented, optimised separation programmes are correlated with each sample for the analysis.

Data analysis, reintegration and chromatogram view of previous samples can be done while the instrument is analysing a sample. The current status of important instrument parameters is shown.

All operational parameters and events of each analysis are documented in a log file. Individual separation programmes can be easily created and stored in the software.

Data Acquisition and Handling

The data acquisition and data analysis system records the data sent by the conductivity detector. Chromatograms are shown online.

Internal databases allow fast peak identification. Quantitative calculations are performed with internal or external standards, dilution and/or multiplication factors.

Several analysis runs can be compared using compiler programmes. The result of each analysis is documented in an individual report.